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There are four main steps to getting a home loan:

Loan Application, Processing, Underwriting and Closing/Funding. At Integrity First Financial Group, Inc., we strive to set each client up for the smoothest transaction possible. Call us today and let us explain the process!

1. Loan Application
Completing the loan application online or with the help of a trusted Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. Mortgage Advisor.

To apply for a loan you will need to submit information about your personal finances and the property you wish to purchase. Within a few days of receiving all required documents, our expert will come back to you with a Good Faith Estimate and a Truth in Lending Disclosure.

2. Processing
Gathering, Analyzing & Supporting Statements from the Application

An Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. Processor will organize the paperwork, make sure the documentation is complete and prepare your application for underwriting. They will review your credit reports, verify debts and examine payment histories. Our team is trained to trouble shoot potential challenges early on and help you prepare written explanations about late payments, property issues, and anything else that may come up.

3. Underwriting
Performing an analysis of credit history, property and conditions

Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. employs in-house underwriters to ensure that your loan goes through as quickly as possible. As a mortgage bank, Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. can fund their own loans or broker them out, giving our clients more options and better opportunities. Our underwriters will carefully evaluate the loan application and documents, assess the risk and determine the conditions for the loan.

4. Closing / Funding
Reviewing and signing documents to fund the loan and close the transaction

Once the conditions for the loan have been met, Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. will send your file into Escrow. During closing, you will get a call from an Escrow officer to come in and sign the loan documents. After reviewing them carefully and settling any credits or costs, Escrow will return your docs to us for funding. The funds will be transferred to the selling party and you will receive the title to your new home. Congratulations – you’re done!

Working with Integrity First Financial Group, Inc.

  • We put YOU first.  At Integrity First you can expect open lines of communication, a knowledgeable staff of industry veterans and a team that works together to make your home buying dreams a reality.
  • Fast and efficient, we close most of our purchase loans in 30 days or less.
  • We offer a variety of loans.  Integrity First Financial Group, Inc. will find you the loan that is right for you.  We offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA, VA, Jumbo and more.
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